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  • Our Pastors

You are welcome to RCCGWA, you are a winner!

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    Raphael Adebayo

    A church where all people, regardless of status, color or creed, find warm accommodation to know and serve the Lord.

    The doors of our church is wide open for sinners, the homeless, the needy, the imperfect, the weak, the rejected, the un-loved, the lonely, the sick, the condemned, both young and old - everyone is welcomed. When a sinner repents, the angels rejoice and a soul is saved!

  • Building for the Lord

    We want to build a new sanctuary. God miraculously gave us a land, few minutes drive from our present location. It is very strategic to the expansion of the kingdom of God in South Dallas. It is no longer effective to continue to combine serving the homeless, ex-offenders and our regular church services under the same roof.

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